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perfect match

Find your perfect aromatic match

Are you searching for the ultimate aromatic match in your daily life? At our company, we create unique fragrances that embrace the senses and enhance each person's personality.

You said about us

Unique Perfumes

Terrific Service

Perfect, exceptional, unique scents!!! Terrific service from the team at Le Parfumeur Salonique!

Anestis Savvidis & Eleni Nicolaou

Value for money!

Quality fragrances

High-quality fragrances, the closest I've tried to the original brands (personally, I couldn't tell the difference), at very reasonable prices and with a wide variety! I was pleasantly surprised by their longevity! Truly value for money!

Chris Danos

I sent a gift all the way to Naxos

Amazing fragrances!

Amazing fragrances at very low prices! I even sent a gift all the way to Naxos, and I will definitely choose them again!

Andreas Valetas

Everything are perfect!

Fast service

Everything is perfect! The fragrances last for hours, and I am satisfied with the quality of the scents, the price, and, of course, the fast service!

Amalia Axiniari


Одним словом супер

Парфуми класні,довго тримають запах,вибір великий. Одним словом супер

Marina Savidou

Worthy individuals and professionals

Amazing room fragrances

I have purchased room fragrances that are amazing, with long-lasting scents and economical prices. Respectable people and professionals.

Giorgos Tsiriopoulos

Amazing perfumes!

The best fragrances in terms of quality, accuracy, and longevity!

Amazing perfumes! Not because I know the company owner... but they are the best fragrances in terms of quality, reliability, and longevity!

Predrag Filipovic

I have been absolutely satisfied with all my purchases!

Great ideas for gifts!

I have been absolutely satisfied with all my purchases! Excellent quality and prompt service! Keep providing us with great gift ideas and new products!

Maria T

Exceptional quality!!!

A very wide range!

A very wide range! The biggest I've seen... I distinguish the tobacco vanilla type from Tom Ford! Excellent quality!!!

Dimitris Moschodimos

I highly recommend without reservation

Exceptional quality... and longevity!

Exceptional quality... and longevity! I bought a set of three 30ml fragrances and I am completely satisfied. I highly recommend it.

Meli Kalafatzi

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Online shopping

You can purchase our fragrances directly online, from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of flexible shopping options and fast delivery to enjoy your favorite scents in your space.

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Free shipping

Our company offers free shipping throughout Greece for all orders over €50. Additionally, all orders come with complimentary fragrance samples, allowing you to try new options and discover your favorite notes.

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Money back guarantee

Our company offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. It is important for us to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our products and service.


The story behind our fragrances

Discover the past, scent the present, and create memories for the future

Welcome to the story of our company - a story dedicated to the magic of fragrances and the pursuit of ultimate sensory pleasure.

In 2016, inspiration was born in Thessaloniki. There, we discovered our love for fragrances and decided to create something unique that would embrace the senses and transport people into a high-quality fragrance experience.

We are grateful to all of you who support us on this journey, and we promise to always offer the best fragrances that perfectly complement your life. Trust us and discover the magical world of scents that will accompany you every step of the way.


Scents of Your Personality

Welcome to the world of fragrances that reflect you

Le Parfumeur Salonique, the destination where senses meet the perfection of fragrances. Here, we don't just offer fragrances. Inspired by your personality, we seek the ideal scent that will accompany you in every moment.

With the widest range of choices, we create a journey of sensations and emotions. From the fresh notes that awaken your energy within, to the deep notes that embrace your unique moments, you will find the fragrance that reflects your personality.

latest perfumes

Recent Fragrance Arrivals

New Arrivals from Top Brands

Discover our latest fragrance arrivals. Exciting choices that will rejuvenate your senses. Visit us at Le Parfumeur Salonique and immerse yourself in the magic of fragrances.

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Le Parfumeur Salonique
Le Parfumeur Salonique

Signature Fragrances

Our fragrance collections reflect your personality and style. Discover the uniqueness you can bring with these scents.

Le Parfumeur Salonique
Le Parfumeur Salonique


The experience of enjoyment takes on a new dimension through our meticulously crafted packaging. Choose one of these for an unforgettable gift.

Le Parfumeur Salonique
Le Parfumeur Salonique


Our fragrances are crafted with care to provide the best possible experience. We select the finest certified ingredients.

Le Parfumeur Salonique
Le Parfumeur Salonique


The quality guarantee for our fragrances is unparalleled. Each composition undergoes rigorous testing to ensure authenticity and maximum longevity.

Le Parfumeur Salonique
Le Parfumeur Salonique


Our fragrances travel all over Greece with fast and reliable shipping services to bring our products to your doorstep.

perfect products

Products for Every Beauty Type

Discover them now

Welcome to the world of Le Parfumeur Salonique! Our products come to life through the articles on our website.


The Fusion of Senses and Ideas That Create Unique and Unforgettable Scents
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